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By Esthetic Enhancement
November 15, 2016
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Find out how sedation dentistry can calm your fears and make visiting our Olathe, KS dentist easier.

Visiting the dentist may seem rather commonplace to some people but not to everyone. Some people fear the dentist so much that they actually put off much-needed dental visits. Neglecting these routine visits may not seem important at the time but they can lead to issues down the road. But our Olathe, KS dentists--Dr. Anthony Marengo, Jr., Dr. Jacob Sylvester and Dr. Jay Morris--make it possible to get the care you need without feeling stressed out.

How is it possible to visit the dentist and no longer experience fear or anxiety? With sedation dentistry! Sedation dentistry has helped patients of all ages overcome their dental fears and experience a more relaxing and anxiety-free dental visit. Through the use of sedative drugs, whether from taking a pill or using inhaled gas, we can help make visiting your Olathe general dentist a much more pleasant experience, even for those who were once terrified of the dentist.

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

First of all, sedation dentistry makes it easy to get the dental care your smile needs to stay healthy without stressing you out, which is a big deal! This also offers patients a pain-free dental treatment. Sedation dentistry makes it easier to administer local anesthesia without discomfort so that you can experience a procedure that is painless.

Sometimes dental procedures take time, and they may take longer if you are feeling anxious in the dental chair. But with sedation dentistry you can sit back and relax and get the dental treatment you need in a shorter amount of time since you won’t be feeling nervous. With sedation dentistry, we can also perform the procedures we need to, often in just one sitting, which might not have been possible without sedation dentistry to help keep you relaxed for an extended period of time.

What are my sedation dentistry options?

Sedation dentistry may be given to you in a prescription pill form or through inhalation. If you take a pill it will most likely be an anti-anxiety medication. You will feel relaxed and drowsy throughout your procedure. You may even fall asleep. Of course, the effects of these pills can last a while so you will want to make sure that you have a ride all lined up to take you home.

Sometimes, patients opt for inhalation sedation, in which nitrous oxide (or “laughing gas”) is administered through a facemask to give you a continuous and controlled stream of sedation. The best part is that unlike anti-anxiety medications, the effects of nitrous oxide won’t last for very long after the mask is removed. No drowsiness and no sluggishness.

If you want to find out how sedation dentistry can improve your next dental visit then it’s time you called Esthetic Enhancement to learn more. We are here to make sure your visits are always as easy as possible.