Veneers can give your smile a makeover
By Esthetic Enhancement
November 19, 2015
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Veneers can drastically improve the appearance of your teeth. Whether you're concerned about discolored teeth or gaps or chips, dental veneersveneers are a great option. Dentists Anthony Marengo, Jr., D.D.S, Jacob Sylvester, D.D.S. and Debby Patel, D.D.S., offer veneers to Olathe residents and share a few of the most commonly asked questions.

What is a veneer?

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are permanently attached to your teeth. Unlike crowns, veneers only cover the front portion of your teeth. Custom-made veneers not only hide dental issues; they also make your smile lighter and brighter.

How can dental veneers improve my smile?

Dental veneers are appropriate if you want to cover dull or yellow teeth. Although teeth whitening can lighten your teeth by as many as eight shades, sometimes whitening alone isn't enough to achieve the desired look. Veneers can be a good option if your teeth are discolored from large fillings or you have tetracycline stains. You may also be a good candidate for veneers if you have gaps between your teeth or they're worn down, irregularly shaped, crooked or uneven.

What's involved in the veneer process?

Your dentist will remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth to ensure that your bite isn't affected after you receive the veneers. He or she will make an impression of your teeth, which a lab will use as mold to create the veneers. Veneers are usually ready one to two weeks after the lab receives the impression. Before your dentist permanently bonds the veneers to your teeth, he'll check the fit and color.

How should I care for my new veneers?

Because veneers are permanently attached to your teeth, they don't require much in the way of special care. You can floss and brush as usual, although it's important to use non-abrasive toothpaste to prevent scratches on the surface of the veneers. Using your teeth as a tool to open packages isn't recommended, as this can damage the veneers. Biting extremely hard foods should also be avoided. If your dentist notices that you grind your teeth, he or she may recommend that you wear a nightguard to prevent chipping or breaking.

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