Milk. An Essentail Tool in Helping Fight Tooth Decay.

A glass of milk or two in the morning may do wonders for your oral health!

A new study shows that when milk is consumed after breakfast, the risk of developing tooth decay goes down. The study indicates that drinking a glass of milk serves to reduce the amount of plaque acids in the mouth by more than 50 percent.

The study was done at the University of Illinois and to compile the results, 20 adults were provided with a bowl of cereal that was followed by a glass of milk, a glass of fruit juice or a glass of water. The acid levels were musch lower among the participants who had a glass of milk.

These results further stress the importance of eating habits and the impact on oral health. It’s essential to limit snacking because the mouth is exposed to plaque acids everytime something is consumed. The bacteria released can attack enamel, making way for tooth decay or other problems.