FAQs about Invisalign
By Esthetic Enhancement
April 27, 2015
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InvisalignFor people who need teeth straightening for medical or cosmetic reasons, but who don't want to deal with the hassle or embarrassment of traditional metal braces, a new teeth straightening system is now available. It is called Invisalign, and it is quickly increasing in popularity. Read on to find out all about Invisalign and how visiting Esthetic Enhancement in Olathe for treatment can benefit you!

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment program that gradually straightens teeth with a series of clear plastic aligners.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Esthetic Enhancement patients wear a series of clear plastic aligners, one after another, switching out their aligners every two weeks (or however often their orthodontist recommends). Each aligner is shaped slightly differently than the last so teeth are gradually moved into a more favorable position. Patients generally wear their aligners 18 to 22 hours a day.

What Advantages Does Invisalign Offer?

The biggest advantage that Invisalign from Esthetic Enhancement in Olathe offers is that is is practically invisible. You can wear it all day long and no one even has to know. Other great advantages include the fact that you can remove it as needed and it is very easy to clean.

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Depending on the number of teeth you need to have moved and the complexity of your case, your treatment will likely last between nine and eighteen month. Neglect to wear your aligners as prescribed, however, and you'll need to wear them even longer.

Is Invisalign Painful?

Your aligners may be uncomfortable for the first few days, but then the pain should subside after that. An over-the-counter pain medication is generally enough to help with any discomfort.

Do I Have to Limit What I Eat or Drink with Invisalign?

No. Because you take out your aligners to eat, you can eat whatever you want with Invisalign. Be sure to brush your teeth and aligners before you put them back in, however.

How Do I Care for My Aligners?

Brush and rinse your aligners regularly to keep the bacteria from building up. Never rinse or wash your aligners in hot water, as it may cause the plastic to warp.

If you are thinking about straightening your teeth but you'd like to do so in an easy and inconspicuous way, Invisalign from Esthetic Enhancement in Olathe may be just right for you. Call our office to make an appointment for a consultation today!