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By Esthetic Enhancement
October 24, 2019
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At Esthetic Enhancement in Olathe, your team of three family dentists offer many restorative services which double as cosmetic enhancements. One is the porcelain crown. Custom-crafted to strengthen and beautify a damaged tooth, a crown extends tooth life for years. Here's how Dr. Marengo Jr., Dr. Sylvester, and Dr. Kolarik use crowns to help their patients.

Dental crowns improve function, appearance and durability

A tooth-shaped cap fashioned from lifelike ceramic, a dental crown replaces tooth structure damaged by:

  • Oral trauma from a fall, sports mishap, or car accident
  • Decay
  • Infection
  • Unacceptable size and shape
  • Wear and tear from age, acid reflux or habitual grinding and clenching (bruxism)
  • Big fillings which weaken tooth structure, particularly the corners (cusps)

Crowns restore teeth saved from extraction by root canal treatments, and they top off dental implants, too. Crowns anchor conventional fixed bridges composed of one or more artificial teeth.

Your crown procedure

Medicinenet states that there must be sufficient healthy tooth structure to support a crown. If you and your family dentist decide on a dental crown, expect two visits to Esthetic Enhancement in Olathe. The first involves a simple exam, X-rays, and oral impressions. Your dentist will remove the damaged enamel and any filling material and fit a temporary cap over the tooth.

Then, at your next appointment, your dentist will remove the temporary crown and permanently cement the new one in place. Your beautiful crown will look natural in color and shape, and with today's accurate fabrication techniques, you're assured of proper fit and bite, too.

Crown care

As the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends, brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste. Floss once a day to remove plaque from the margins between the crown and gums, and see your dentist semi-annually for a professional cleaning and examination. If you are a teeth clencher or grinder, your dentist may advise you wear an acrylic bite guard to provide protection and cushioning.

Contact us

If a crown is in your future, why not learn more about the process? Contact Esthetic Enhancement in Olathe, KS, for a consultation with one of our family dentists. We open at 8 am Monday through Friday. Call (913) 829-9222.