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With May being National Smile Month there is even more of a reason to show-off bright smiles for making great first impressions! Gleaming white teeth and a wide smile convey an air of confidence that is important in any situation, from first dates to job interviews. Teeth whitening procedures are certainly effective, but small daily steps can also be helpful too. Here are a few tips!
1. WEAR LIPSTICKS THAT CONTAIN A HINT OF BLUE-Blue tones around the mouth can make teeth appear whiter, so when shopping for new makeup, consider red lipstick with blue undertones. These will make your smile appear brighter by offsetting any yellow coloration in the teeth. Coral and orange based lipsticks can make the teeth appear more yellow, so avoid these if you are self-conscious about your pearly whites.
2. SNACK ON CRUNCHY FRUITS AND VEGGIES -Mildly abrasive fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots or celery not only provide the body with essential nutrients, but also act as a natural toothbrush by gently scrubbing off small bits of plaque that have gathered on the teeth and gums.
3. SWISH WITH WATER AFTER DRINKING TEA OR COFFEE-Coffee, tea and other dark liquids can stain the teeth and leave them looking dingy. To prevent discoloration, simply swish water around in your mouth immediately after consuming a staining liquid.
4. CHEW SUGARLESS GUM CONTAINING XYLITOL-Xylitol, a naturally occurring sugar substitute, has been added to many sugar-free gums as a sweetening agent, but it also has healthful properties. Chewing a gum containing xylitol, such as Trident, has been shown to reduce the levels of harmful oral bacteria, reducing the likelihood of developing cavities.
5. BRUSH TEETH BEFORE GOING FOR A RUN-Running dries out the mouth and any plaque that already exists on the gumline will tend to dry out and calcify, resulting in discoloration and even gum disease. A quick brush before leaving for a run can help solve this problem.