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April 27, 2010
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Boy did we have a crazy weekend! On Friday we were at an all day seminar along with, Crystal, our office manager, about how to communicate better with our wonderful patients. The seminar was given by Dr. Paul Homoly, who is a world recognized speaker on the subject. We got our 3-D scanner installed as well!!! We are so excited to finally get it installed!

Dr. Homoly was an awesome speaker and really shared some great information about communication and how important it is. As dentists we sometimes focus on the minute details of a case and don't convey the overall picture well enough. Hopefully after hearing Dr. Homoly we will be able to do this more effectively for everyones benefit!

Our Galileos 3-D CBCT is up and running and awesome! The diagnostic information gained by a 3-D scan is unbelievable! It also gives us the ability to treatment plan implants with exact precision. See previous blogs for sample 3-D images and more info about the scanner....