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March 08, 2010
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Over the weekend we were in Scottsdale, AZ at the Scottsdale Center for Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry. The Scottsdale Center is one of the premier post graduate training centers for dentists in the US. We were there learning about 3D imaging for dentistry. 3D imaging is THE BEST imaging for gaining diagnostic information in dentistry.

3D Imaging

We learned an incredible amount about the technology and the endless ways that with better diagnostic images, we can provide even better dental care!

With 3D imaging you can see the roots of teeth as the are oriented in the bone, looking 360 degrees around the root! You can tell exactly where the nerves are, see how much bone you have for an implant, etc. The quality of care with a 3D image is unbelievable! This is the next frontier for dental care and we are on top of it!

Dr. Marengo & Dr. Sylvester

March 01, 2010
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Welcome to our new site! We are excited to have a more comprehensive, user friendly website! We designed the site to provide our patients with all the information and knowledge to make important decisions about their oral health, and to give new patients information about us, and our practice.

 Some of the new features that we are especially excited about are the blog, our presence on social networking sites, videos, ease of site navigation and a more welcoming and calming feel to the site. The blog, social networking, and videos are all designed to give our patients, or anyone visiting the site, the best and most up to date information regarding dentistry and oral health.

By bringing technology into our practice we are able to provide the most modern dental care available and improve our communication with our wonderful patients. We realize that we all have busy lives these days and we are taking steps to communicate more electronically, especially since more and more people have their email in their pockets (on their phones)!

Thanks again for viewing our new site! Come back often, as we will be updating the information and videos regularly. If you have a question that you don't find the answer to on our site, or if you would like to make an appointment and let us show you how comfortable and pleasant your dental experience can be, please contact our office.


Dr. Marengo, Dr. Sylvester, and Team